Monday, February 21, 2011

Fill My Eyes, with that Double Vision

As I discussed in my last entry, I was a little concerned about some of the double vision I had been having. For example, when reading words I noticed a shadow either in the top left or bottom right of the letters. It seemed to alternate depending on the day. After looking through some prescription lenses, these "shadows" became very noticeable to me. That's why I panicked a little.

The more I thought about it, I realized this had always been there, but I just never mentioned it specifically because I thought it was just my eye healing. Regardless, I made an appointment with Dr. Holland just to be sure I had not done anything stupid.

I went in on Friday, 2/18. After a topo and an exam by the residents, everyone seemed to agree that the cornea looked great and did not see any reason to make an adjustment. They said that I should go back to my regular optometrist and mention the double vision condition specifically. They said she could adjust the prescription to clear this up, and they were even able to clear it up significantly with Dr. Holland's office equipment.

Even today, my vision is much improved and I'm reading my computer screen comfortably with just my operated-on eye opened. A false alarm, I suppose.

The important thing to realize when recovering from DALK is that you have to be religious about your eye drops, and continue flushing with lubricant drops even if it seems you don't need to. Also, be aware that (I believe) changes in air pressure--and sinus pressure--can make a big difference in what you are seeing. Your vision might even depend on how much sleep you get. Always try to stay positive and understand it is a long journey.


  1. Excellent advice... your posts are helpful as I count down... just over 2 weeks away.

  2. Hey Kenny, This was fascinating to read, I had no idea you were dealing with vision problems when we used to work together. What a journey you've been on to restore your sight. I about choked when I read you were 40 though, where did the freakin' time go? You still look like the awesome Kenny I remember and you're one heck of a good writer too. xo ~Lili