Saturday, February 5, 2011

DALK [ Surgery + 4 Months]

Day-to-day reports are unnecessary as the vision in the eye changes often by small measures depending on dryness, pressure and my daily activities. I consider myself very fortunate that I work from home, as I am sure it has helped my recovery.

Overall, I'm doing very well. Saw Dr. Holland yesterday and had a full eye exam. The eye looks great, no scarring (maybe some around the edges) and no other complications. I "pinholed" at 20/30 and was able to reach 20/30 while testing through actual lenses.

That means I can go to my optometrist and try for some prescription glasses or even soft contacts. They said in 9 months I could get Lasik! Amazing. I won't do that, but nice to know I have the option.

They did not remove any stitches because the topography of the graft it checking out OK. Nice and flat.


  1. Excellent news! So are they saying that you could have lasik on month 9 or in 9 additional months? Dr. Holland spoke to me as if the Lasik was routinely part of the procedure.

  2. Scott,

    Yes...they said that 9 months from now (9 additional months) I could consider Lasik. They want to make sure they get all the stitches out beforehand. I was actually pretty surprised.