Thursday, September 29, 2011

Steroid Free!

I had my operation just over one year ago, and my overall experience has been about a 9.5 out of 10.

Things have been stable, comfort-wise, in Pablo (my operated-on left eye). That is to say, I haven't had any issues with redness or irritation. My pressure today was 20, down from 23 on my last visit.

Also, I can stop the Lotemax, which is a light steroid. Keep in mind, virtually all my stitches remain. I asked Dr. Holland if the eye might reject the stitches without the steroid, and he said that while there was a small chance of this happening, he did not think it would. We just have to keep an eye out (no pun intended) for irritation.

That leaves me with only the Restasis twice per day.

My vision checked out at 20/30 today even though today was one of my bad days. Whether good or bad, my vision is still generally in good order, and Dr. Holland and his staff continue to be the best.

To be specific; Without correction, I can read my computer screen quite clearly with my operated-on eye. I can read books on my iPad, and I can sometimes read the writing on my degree that hangs on my wall. With correction (glasses), I can read license plates and street signs within a reasonable distance. Watching TV (52") has never been better. My only problem now is that I've sufficiently scratched up my new lenses and will need to go for some new ones within 6 months or so.

There were couple new doctors working with Dr. Holland today, one was a cute Asian lady with an English accent. It is always funny that everyone wants to look at my eye several times over. I feel spoiled.

I go back in 3 months.

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