Thursday, September 23, 2010

DALK [Surgery + 1 Day]

Slept really well last night. Actually, sleeping is easy compared to fighting the scratchiness in my eye. Took my eye drops, taped on my plastic guard and dozed right off. Dr. Holland said I can sleep in any position as long as wear my protective guard, which is a relief for me because I sleep primarily on my left side.

The double vision from last night is completely gone. Apparently, it was from the long block anesthetic they used. So now my eyes see everything together at the correct angles. No change in vision. I can see peripherally in my operated-on eye with no floaters, dark patches or spots. When I hold my eye wide open, I can look around and see that everything seems uniform. It is cloudy, but uniformly so. I think this is great because that means that the cornea must be positioned well.

Had my follow up visit with Dr. Holland today @ 9am. I put in some eye drops and we were on our way. I could hardly open my eyes outside. It seems like heat and light really make things worse, and both my eyes were watering profusely on the way there, especially the effected eye. I basically carry around tissues wherever I go. Once inside the air conditioning, things were much better. In the waiting room, I could read the big print on magazines (which is pretty amazing) and could even make my way around the room with my good eye shut. I can see shapes, people, colors...just all through a cloudy haze.

Inside Dr. Holland's office, several people stopped in to see me. One resident, a tall blond, looked at my eye with a light instrument, the kind that is common in optometrist offices. As she passed the light over it, all she could say was "that looks beautiful." She could see my eye still watering (seriously, like crying) so she gave me some numbing drops. OH BOY! With the numbing drops in, I was able to fully open my eye and look around. I have a really good feeling about the end results...although I still have a very long way to go.

Then Dr. Holland and Dr. Wang came in to check on me. They both passed light over my eye and commented that it looked great, and they seemed very happy with the turnout. They sent me on my way with an appointment next week.

I tried working a bit today. As a computer tech, most of my time is spent on the computer. This really isn't an issue because I can just keep my left eye shut and use my right eye to work...heck, I haven't been using my left eye for 20 years so really no difference for me. However, as my left eye moves against my eyelid, it creates constant irritation. So bad that I had to take several long breaks. After Michele went to school, I took a chance and drove to Kroger to get some Tylenol. Again, not much different than before except that it looked like I was crying the entire time. I'm sure I looked funny, squinting and tearing up at the register.

I'm positive I will not be leaving the house this week-end. I just want a nice, dark hole where I can heal. The less I look around at things the better. Watching TV is fine as is reading. I still keep my left eye shut most of the time though. I tried to rig up something to go over my eye that would hold it shut, but it just rubs up against my eye harder.

More to come soon....

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