Wednesday, November 10, 2010

DALK [Surgery + 7 Weeks]

There isn't much to report at this juncture. My eye seems to continue to do well. There are good days and bad days...periods of time where I'm not seeing as good as after the first two or three weeks, and there are other days (like today) that my vision is fairly improved. All in all, not much has changed. I see very well at close range...I can read the fine print on the shampoo bottle...I can make out some street signs. I can read books on my iPad with just my left eye. Still, there is some degree of astigmatism which I hope can be corrected when the stitches are removed. I feel good about my chances for excellent vision once the eye stabilizes enough to get a prescription lens.

As far as pain and discomfort, really not much. Occasionally, I'll have a slight ache or soreness in the eye, which could be the result of dryness, dust or sleeping on the left side of my body. In any case, the aches are probably 1% of the time. I just have to continue to be careful with the eye.

I go back for a visit with Dr. Holland next Thursday to see about my improvement. I have a feeling things will start to get hectic once he starts pulling out the stitches.

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