Thursday, October 7, 2010

DALK [Surgery + 2 Weeks]

Not much to report, which is probably good. Ever since last week's doctor visit, I have gone through the Optive eye drops like they are going out of style. The Restasis has not had any effect yet, although it is supposed to take a month for my eye to begin producing more tears. I'm feeling no ill effects from the Restasis; no blurriness or change in vision.

As far as the operated-on eye. It looks completely normal and feels normal except for a little pressure, which seems to be diminishing each day. At times I completely forget that I had surgery at all. Im still a little sensitive to light and have occasional discomfort. I'm wearing my protective shield to bed one more night and then ditching it.

My vision seems to be slowly improving. After I put in my wetting drops, I can see things clear as a bell. Actually, even better than with my good eye. Right now I'm reading all of the larger fonts on my computer screen. Can't read anything exceedingly small. I keep my computer at a very high resolution though. When my eye is dry, I can still make out some good details, but the cloudiness returns. My best vision seems to be between about 11am and 8pm. Another interesting thing I noticed. My right eye is more nearsighted than my left now. When I read a page from a book, the font appears larger in my right eye than in the left. Together, it doesn't really bother me. I know my brain will get used to it. Distant objects look pretty even. I'm sure correction can solve some of this problem as well.

I can't really complain. Two weeks after surgery and I'm none the worse for wear (at least until I get my portion of the bill). In fact, I'd say that I'm already better off than before. The next two and a half months will tell. I just have to continue to keep the eye moist and free from trauma.

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